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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government provided a number of Medicare benefits which enabled Modern Medical Clinics to minimise the cost of health care to patients through increased bulk billing incentives and the introduction of telehealth services.  We have been committed to passing on these benefits to you – our patients and you may have noticed that you were bulk billed for your consultations more often over the past few months despite not having a Commonwealth Concession card.

On 1 October 2020, the Government announced that a number of Medicare benefits would be discontinued and as a result your Medicare rebate no longer covers the costs to allow us to continue to provide you and your family with good quality medical care.

From 7 December 2020:

  • Patients under 16 years and all Commonwealth Concession Card holders who were previously bulk billed, will now be charged a discounted consultation fee.
  • All patients who with a current GP Management Plan or Health Assessment will continue to be bulk billed for this service.
  • Patients with a Veterans Affairs Gold Card and children 5 years and under will continue to be Bulk Billed.
  • All patients will be charged a private fee for services provided in our treatment room.
  • All new patients joining the practice or transferring to a different doctor within the practice will be privately billed.
  • Access to telehealth appointments will remain available for follow-up of results, repeat Non-scheduled scripts, repeat referral and for minor respiratory symptoms may be bulk billed until 31 March 2021.
  • All other telehealth consultations may attract a private fee for this service, which can be paid via credit or debit card over the phone at the completion of your appointment.
  • Fees are dependent on the length of your appointment. A summary of our current fees is shown at

What will happen at my next standard consultation?

  • Your doctor will see you, as normal, our standard appointments are around 20 minutes.
  • You will be charged a consultation fee as shown in the table (overleaf), which is to be paid on the day. The reception staff can process the Medicare rebate on your behalf.  (Medicare regulations prohibit us from splitting your bill and charging only a co-payment.)
  • The best payment option is by an EFTPOS card with cheque or savings account available. This will enable us to immediately process your Medicare rebate, directly back onto a cheque or savings account. If you do not have a cheque or savings account, you can pay by credit card and we will process your rebate through Medicare. You may receive your rebate into your nominated bank account between 24-48 hours after payment.
  • If you opt for a telehealth appointment, please have a credit or debit card available, as payment will be taken following your telehealth appointment with the doctor.

We have previously endeavoured to accommodate patients on concession cards and you may have been bulk billed at the Doctors’ discretion for consultations.  Whilst the billing of each patient is ultimately the decision of the treating Doctor, patients who are basing their decision to consult with one of our Doctors on whether will they be bulk billed or not should ask about our fees prior to their consultation and not after the appointment.

The team and management at Modern Medical Clinics apologise for any inconvenience this may cause for you and your family but we hope that you will continue to see value in what we bring to your health.